Veneers for an Ultimate Radiant Smile

Costa Rica Dental Design offers dental veneers for tooth gaps or stained teeth and other dental problems which can be corrected with veneers. We employ porcelain laminates or commonly known as dental veneers to treat your teeth flaws and provide you with a dazzling smile you have always wanted. Veneers are shells that are wafer-thin bonded onto the teeth for cosmetic improvement of worn, discolored, misaligned or chipped teeth.

We provide services for cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica with porcelain veneers that are less insidious than crowns or caps where a little bit of tooth enamel is being removed to replace them. We also help to preserve your natural teeth. When the veneers are bonded to your tooth, it will keep its entire integrity. Most people may have healthy teeth, but not all are beautiful enough for a sunshine smile and that’s why we offer this kind of service to help you make that radiant smile.

Costa Rica Dental provides you with more options for you to remove stains which can’t be simply eliminated by whitening solutions. Our veneers cover your natural teeth while giving them uniform look. If you are an adult where braces aren’t an option, then we can provide you with excellent veneers to create uniformly spaced teeth, correct tooth size and fix crooked teeth to make an even overall appearance.

Our Costa Rica Dental Design is one of the trusted clinics that offer dental veneers for American patients. Getting veneers may take up to three trips to our dental clinic. Hence, we perform the following procedures:

  • Diagnosis – This is the very first step which includes treatment planning. Kindly explain to us what you want to achieve at the end of the process so we can guarantee you great results. We will examine your teeth to ensure dental veneers will be appropriate for you. We will then discuss the procedure and its limitations. If necessary, we will perform x-rays and make impressions from it.
  • Preparation – We will prepare your tooth for a dental veneer by removing ½ millimeter of enamel from your tooth’s surface which equals to the amount of veneer that will be added to the surface. Before we trim off the enamel, we will first decide if there is a need for anesthetic. We then make an impression or model of your tooth. This is sent out to a dental laboratory which will construct your veneer.
  • Bonding – Our dentist will temporarily bond the veneer on your tooth to examine if it fits. Your tooth will be polished, cleaned and etched to roughen your tooth for strong bonding. We apply special cement to the veneer and then placed on your tooth. Our dentist will also apply light beam to activate chemicals in the special cement to harden and cure it quickly. Finally, we remove excess cement and evaluate your bite for final adjustments.

We may ask you for a follow-up visit if necessary in order to check your gums if it responds well in the veneer. Call us today for more quotes!

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