Tooth whitening is a safe procedure when conducted by a certified Costa Rican specialist. This simple procedure can be achieved even in just one visit at Dental Design.

Normally, teeth whitening cannot be performed in just one-time procedure which needs several sessions to achieve whiter and brighter teeth. With Dental Design’s state of the art facilities and veteran staff, nothing is impossible!


The Idea Behind Teeth Whitening

Your tooth has outer layer called enamel. The natural color of your teeth is the result of the scattering and reflection of light in the enamel including the color of your dentin. Due to heredity, your enamel varies from smother to thicker. Thinner enamel shows off the color of your dentin and these thin enamels contain pores that accumulate stains turning your teeth into something yellowish color. Most common sources of stains are dark-colored beverages like tea, coffee, red wine, liquid vitamins, and cola. Aging also contributes to make your enamel less bright since as we get older the enamel becomes thinner and the dentin gets darker.


What Preparation You Should Make

Despite of the reality that Teeth whitening is quick and simple, it is important to treat first your other dental problems that might affect the success of the procedure. Whitening should be done in a dentistry office under the hand of a professional. The most common type of teeth whitening is the use of a laser device to activate the gel-like solution applied on the teeth surface. The whitening procedure takes only for about 30-90 minute and needs several sessions.

At Dental Design, we have the ZOOM! Advance Power teeth whitening technique which works in just one visit in our office. If you want an immediate change, Dental Design is the place that you are looking for in Costa Rica.


Where to Go

If you feel your teeth would benefit from whitening, choose the best cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica. Dental Design believes that all people should deserve to have a perfect smile. With our great smile procedure, we can boost your confidence and achieve the sparkling teeth you ever dreamed off for an affordable price. With today’s advancement of technology, there is no reason for you to be discouraged for having yellow teeth. Our dentists can achieve amazing results to give value to your money.

If there is one reason why you should travel here in Costa Rica, it should be making a big change in your life. Avail the highest quality of dental care in the country while enjoying the beautiful scenery in surroundings. No doubt, more and more Americans are visiting Costa Rica every year to visit the tropical paradise and seek affordable dental care.