Tooth whitening is only the beginning. If you are interested in getting a serious dental procedure, Cosmetic Dentistry Costa Rica overhauls your gums and teeth. Our smile design fixed your gums that tend to show much. This is being fixed by another procedure known as gum lift. Also known as crown lengthening, this is an excellent way of improving your smile. Included in our smile design, your teeth are being shaped at their best. The rounding and lengthening of the edges are fixed for you to achieve a younger look. Due to the reason that lifetime chewing affects your teeth, worn teeth are also being addressed by our smile design.

In shaping your teeth, Costa Rica Dental Design bonds a porcelain, resin, crown or veneer to it. The old method used is resin bonding; which is still a good procedure. This is commonly used today, despite the fact that this does not last longer than porcelain. Costa Rica Dental Design includes teeth whitening as part of the smile design. This is the process that lightens the color of your teeth. This eliminates stains coming from tea, coffee, cigarette smoke, red wine and tobacco. This also lightens the darker teeth that go along with aging.

Our smile design procedure allows you of choosing from an ideal smile that best fit your personality and lifestyle. Whether you are longing for straighter, longer and whiter teeth, this is best provided to complement your facial features. With smile design, you achieve a complete control over your new and refreshing smile. Despite the tiny imperfections in your teeth, you still achieved a new smile from our smile design service. We re-create your old smile and let you achieve the best results. The various aspects of the smile are discussed, including the ones you like to change. There is no need to worry about the present status of your smile or teeth. If your teeth are cracked, chipped or missing, then our doctors will make way in achieving your best smile. Anything is being improved or repaired just for you.

After things have been done, a smile design is created in meting your needs. Our smile design aims to improve both the health of your gums and teeth throughout the process. After the design is already completed, our dentist will change your teeth for a healthier, happier, and confident smile. Expect a smile design that is done with proficiency, professionalism and paid at reasonable cost. Dentistry in Costa Rica promotes the wellness by designing beautiful and healthy smiles. The high end and top of the line dental procedures are aimed at achieving the best smile design.

Our trained physicians are striving to meet the dental needs of our clients. Only a superior smile design is presented in meeting the needs of clients. Our staff also creates a smile design plan that best optimize the aesthetics and dental health of people. Our smile design takes the key elements of functionality and aesthetics. Renewing your smile is never impossible with us, thats why cosmetic dentistry Costa Rica is so famous!


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