Endodontics is a special field in dentistry that focuses on repairing broken teeth and nerves. The dental procedure consists the basic surgical steps which include damaged nerves removal, tooth’s interior clean-up, and anti-bacterial sealing. The procedure is commonly called as root canal therapy or endodontic therapy.

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What is the importance of endodontic therapy?

With endodontic therapy, you can still save your tooth once the nerve dies caused by tooth decay, trauma, or any other condition. Instead of pulling and replacing it with an artificial tooth, look for a trusted Costa Rica Dental clinic in your area to seek for a root canal treatment.

An infected pulp should be treated to prevent the future microbial invasion in the nearby areas.

Root canals have pulp chamber inhabited by blood vessels, nerve tissues, and other entities which constitute the dental pulp. The root canal therapy or endodontic therapy involves the elimination of these structures.


Treatment Procedure

Tooth decay and tooth cracking are both source of future infection and the best advice that a dentist can give is through a root canal therapy to save the tooth and cure the infection.  This process use needle-shape instrument to remove infected debris and facilitates better penetration of an irrigant solution.

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Root canal may fail to heal if your dentist were not able to fill all the canals within a tooth. Rest assured that Costa Rica’s dental services are world class designed to cater American patients. We are highly recognized by prestigious dental associations in the country. We take pride for receiving high recommendations from American patients and tourists who used to visit the country for a short vacation.