Dental Implants in Costa Rica.

Wondering why most celebrities have nice teeth off and on cam? These people are investing their money to look good at all times by taking advantage on popular dental procedures in the U.S. It’s no secret that Hollywood stars have paid a lot of money to get veneers, caps, dentures, false teeth, and dental implants just to have a great smile.

One of the best procedures to restore missing teeth is through dental implants. The concept behind this procedure is restoring teeth to their most natural condition. The implant teeth will be anchor to your jaw bone just like natural teeth. This is the main advantage of dental implants from other methods of teeth replacements such as bridges and dentures.

Dental Implants in Costa Rica vs. Dentures

Before, teeth restoration was replaced with either bridges or dentures which are no longer acceptable in the modern society. Dentures are associated with several mouth problems, systemic disorders, and psychological impact. A denture may be embarrassing for it has clicking sound when chewing food.  You will also feel uncomfortable wearing it since dentures are bulky, covering a lot of surfaces inside your mouth.  Removing them after eating to clean reminds you for having artificial teeth. Moreover, using dentures make a person look older due to facial bone loss.

Why Choose Dental Implants in Costa Rica?

With dental implants, you will have fake teeth but they look and feel natural. Dental implants can last a lifetime, unlike with traditional dental bridges that can only last for 5-7 years. What you need is a long-term solution for your everyday life activities that won’t interfere with your smiling, eating, and speaking abilities. Costa Rica Dental Design has the most modern facilities and equipment to perform dental implant surgery with highest quality, aesthetics and precision.

Dental Implants Surgical Procedures

Generally dental implant surgery has five basic procedures.

  1. Reflecting the soft tissue through an incision over the crest of bone.
  2. Drilling at highly regulated speed on pilot holes.
  3. Drilling at lower level of speed to protect your osteoblast from excessive heat.
  4. Dental implant placement using a torque controlled drill.
  5. Gingiva adaptation around the implant to support a thick band of tissues.

At Dental Design, we have the best dentists in Costa Rica who can solve your dental problems and necessities. We only provide individualized approach on dental implants to our U.S patients. Dental Design is becoming popular for having dental professionals specialize in dental implants and full mouth restoration.

More than 85% of our clients travel from other countries to avail our offered services and procedures. With our outstanding workmanship, we guarantee our clients to have aesthetically beautiful smile right after the procedure. We combine the two important aspects in our dental procedure-aesthetics and dental health.

Why feel envy with your favorite celebrities if you have the perfect smile just like them. Cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica gives exceptional services and personalized care to fulfill every patient’s goal. The best way to retain your natural smile is through our dental implant procedure here at Dental Design. If your consider travelling here in Costa Rica, make an appointment now with us. Meet our friendly staff and experience how it feels to smile like a star!