All on four is a revolutionized technique in dental procedure that replaces missing teeth with a new set of teeth. Our solution is mainly attractive among patients that are interested in eliminating their dentures. For people who have failing teeth, they can expect that our all on four procedures can restore their full upper and lower teeth. This procedure mainly requires dental implants for each jaw that support completely customized replacement teeth. Our treatment is being completed while our patient is comfortably sleeping. Through the use of sedation industry, we make it certain that this is painless. The patient also receives a complete set of replacement teeth for twenty-four hours.

You must choose our all-on-four procedure that remains to be the solution to a “toothless patient”.  We are able to best deliver this procedure along with immediate functionality. Thus, we assure that this procedure increases the quality of your life. This is the best dental procedure as this provides security and comfort for the patients. This also best maintains the bone found in the jaw. Apart from receiving complete and customized replacement teeth, you get to benefit from this procedure. This bypasses the use of bone grafting which is a surgery preferred by some patients. In this traditional treatment, the patients lose their bone.

In this procedure, the frustrations and discomforts of using dentures are eliminated. The patients also get to enjoy their freedom of eating different kinds of foods. This is the most sophisticated solution that answers edentulism and tooth loss.  All-on-four dental procedure provides countless benefits as compared to the conventional dentures or dental implants. For instance, beautiful and new teeth are replaced in just a single visit. Thus, the patient immediately leaves the office with his or her new teeth.

Apart from it, the use of bone grafts is no longer needed as some patients lack the bone volume of dental implant. Even oral hygiene on a daily basis is being done easy on the part of the patient. There is no need to be stressed out on other hassles accompanied in removing dentures. The best thing is that this provides long-lasting and durable results.

Dentistry in Costa Rica presents this all-on-four procedure where patients get new teeth that are fixed in their right place. The teeth now function and look as natural. The patients get teeth that are already linked to implants. They are solidly set in their right place. They are only removed by our dentists, are cleaned and brushed like the normal teeth. The best thing about this procedure is that the replacement teeth look natural in terms of function, feel and look.